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Whoa!! Another Great Model of the Galaxy Series Leading Smartphone brand Samsung is going to add another wonderful model in its Galaxy kitty- Galaxy S8 Singapore, which is due to launch in the next month. According to inside sources, the phone will have two sizes- 5inches and 6inches, and will be codenames- Dream and Dream 2, respectively. The model will be available in 5 colours- Gold, Silver, White, Black, and Pink Gold. We do not have the actual date of release but we know that Samsung will hold a press event in New York City on March 29.

Salient Features of Singapore Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Singapore is expected to offer the following unique features:
• Two most newly added features will be the bezel-less, edge-to-edge display and an iris scanner.

• Bezel-less display will occupy maximum space of the front portion of device, leaving very little room for the top and the bottom body, beyond the screen. In fact, there was hardly any space for putting the logo and brand name on the device front.

• Iris scanning biometric technology will enable users to authenticate their purchase and unlock their new Galaxy model using their eyes.

• The upcoming Galaxy model will also bring a change in the conventional placement of fingerprint scanner. Users will now find the sensor at the back of the device.

• There will be an in-built object recognition, which will work like the Google Goggles.

• S8 will also have a new processor, which has been developed on Samsung’s very own 10nm technology, making it a first-time attempt.

• Coming to phone memory, it has 64GB of in-built storage along with an expandable storage of 256GL (through micro SD card and support).

• On purchasing Galaxy S8, users will receive a marvellous USB-C along with a reversible connector. New versions of Gear 360 Camera and Gear VR Headset of Samsung will also be in the phone package.

• Another exciting feature will be the presence of artificial intelligence assistant, which can perform various tasks like recognizing objects with the help of camera. The artificial intelligence will work similar to that of Google Goggles.

• In addition to the above features, the Smartphone brand is also planning to come up with a completely new range of accessories for S8. As per industry sources, there will be a dock and service that will instantly turn the Android phone into an Android desktop computer. While converting the phone into desktop, users will be able to connect the phone with a monitor, a keyboard and other desktop extensions; shortly referred to as DeX.

Features Common to S7 & Other Galaxy Models
• Similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 will also feature a curve-down screen at the left and right sides.

• It will also carry forward the “duo pixel” camera feature; however, with certain improvements in its image quality, speed, and low-light performance.

• S8 will be intact with the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket and a dedicated mic for cancelling active noise.
Such are the revealed features of the Galaxy S8. And it’s all the more attractive especially with emerging technologies like iris scanner and artificial intelligence. In fact, patience can’t be hold any longer. So, gear up for the newest Samsung phone and prepare yourself for a truly new-age Smartphone experience.

Stay tuned for our updates about this NEW LAUNCH.

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