Considering Trading in a New or Used Phone?

Our world is dominated by technology, gadgetry and hardware that is constantly being phased out by more advanced innovations. As a result, many people have a bad habit of stockpiling old gadgets that will never be used again. One of the most commonly kept retired pieces of hardware is the mobile phone, as it is quite standard now to get a new mobile phone annually. More often than not, the previous phone will either be handed down to someone else or tucked away in a drawer somewhere, never to be used again.


Thankfully, there are a number of services available that help you with remuneration for your old mobile phones. This can be great for helping you recycle old phones and earn some extra cash on the side. The main thing to consider is where to go to trade your phone in, because there are a plethora of channels to take. This post will look at some of the most commonly used channels for trade ins, as well as what to consider before making your choice.


Carousell, Gumtree and eBay

The three biggest names in online transactions are usually the most lucrative, however they come with a lot of additional work. By selling directly, you are keeping a lion’s share of the profits. However, you will also be tasked with sourcing buyers, communicating with them, displaying your product and finally delivering the sold item.

If you are looking to offload your mobile phone quickly, you can try to post it to Carousell. This is arguably the fastest option as it can end in a face-to-face interaction and saves on any shipping costs.


Used Electronic Retailers

One of the traditional methods of getting rid of your used hardware is to sell it to a second-hand retailer, such as Cash Converters. This lightens any of the burden associated with posting ads and meeting people from Carousell and Gumtree. All you need to do is walk into a store with your phone and listen to their offer. It is also in person, which makes the transaction as fast as can be.

The major downside to this option is that you will not get a good price for your phone. Even if it is in mint condition, you will get pennies on the dollar as these stores make profits from the resale.


Online Resellers

Online resellers are a great blend of the above options. You get a fair price for your product with no hassle of posting an ad. There is no impetus to meet anyone in person and it can all be done online. Do not expect a fortune back from them for your phone, but their prices are fairer than a used retailer.