Compare Oppo R9S and R9

oppo r9s

Oppo is a Chinese electronic company. A lot of you may be surprised to know that Oppo is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics that also has One Plus as one of it’s brands. The VIVO brand also falls under the same group.

It’s actually a brand that was established in 2004. They have sub divisions in a lot of Asian countries like Myanmar, Philippines and India.

Talking about OPPO’s 2016 releases. The R9 was OPPO’s giant killer.

Released in March 2016, it aimed at capturing those who wanted a flagship phone but at a price that was affordable. OPPO released the R9s which was an improvement on the R9. Or is it?

But is the Oppo R9s Singapore better? Let’s find out.

In terms of specifications the phones seem very similar.

Specifications and Difference


Both the phones boast a 5.5 inch screen although the R9s is slightly bigger by 2 millimeters. This does not make a big difference in the overall picture. But if you are counting millimeters and you like a bigger screen then the R9s wins, very slightly.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is also slightly different. With the R9s having 160mAh more. Again in the grander scheme of things, this does not make a difference. But for phones in this size, they are good batteries.
Processor, RAM and Internal Storage

The R9 runs on the MediaTek Mt6755 and the R9s runs on the Snapdragon 625. The Sanpdragon obviously is more popular out of both the processors. Both the phones run on a 2Ghz octa-core. Internal RAM of 4GB and Internal storage of 64GB being a default on both the phones. No winners here in terms of the processor.

The R9s has a slightly better camera by 3 pixels. The comparison between these phones is a match of margins. The R9S is marginally ahead in terms of features. 3 megapixels does not make a big difference at all.


The R9s runs on Android 6.0 which is the Marshmallow and R9 runs on Android 5.1, Lollipop. Obviously in terms of the UI there will be changes that are expected and here again a more advanced OS wins.
Coming to the business end of this article. It is pretty clear that the R9s has a slight advantage in terms of features. It is the exact same car, but the interiors are slightly better. Now the major factor in a close competition such as this is the price.

Is it worth getting the R9s over the R9? What is the price difference?

The price difference is lesser than $40. Keeping this in consideration it’s an easy choice who the winner is. The later OPPO R9s is much better in terms of features and just slightly higher. It runs an upgraded OS and hands down is the winner in this mash up.

Considering for an Android phone these phones are in the premium category, it is more likely that the phone will not be replaced in a year and the user will look to keep the device for at least 2 years and in this department also it makes sense to go for the R9s.