Xiao Mi Phones

Xiao Mi? What? You haven’t heard of them either? That comes as no surprise—especially if you are a part of the Western world. However, this privately owned mobile phone company is becoming one of the leaders in smartphones across Asia and this popularity only continues to grow.

Xiao Mi focuses on speed and luxury, without breaking the bank. This allows their customers to have all the great features of a high quality smartphone without going broke. While its name is only just gaining popularity, with each happy customer, their fan base grows.

One of the latest phones from Xiao Mi is their Redmi Note 2 listed at an affordable price of SGD$250. While the price itself is more than attractive, the features included in the Redmi Note 2 are as well. The large screen, at 5.5 inches, is reactive and very clear. The Redmi Note 2 runs an operating system that is quite similar to Android, except it is called MIUI. This operating system keeps the apps all on the home screen- similar to iOS. So if you are searching for a phone that has minimalism, the Redmi Note 2 is a great option.

The 13 mega pixel camera is not the best, especially when it is compared to brand name competitors, but it can take a clear and decent photo as long as the light is good. Despite lacking slightly with its picture taking capabilities, the ease of use, operating system, and dual sim slots make it attractive for those who travel frequently within Asia. While the Xiao Mi brands are only seen in Asian countries now, they are slowly starting to make their way to Australia, India, and South America- with plans to target the North American consumers in the coming years.

In the end Xiao Mi smartphones are a great option if you are looking for high quality smartphones that don’t break the bank. If you want to make a switch from iOS, you will feel comfortable with the MIUI OS on the Redmi Note 2. Just so long as you are in Asia, you can readily buy a Xiao Mi smartphone in nearly any IT center or smartphone retailer. Any way about it, the smartphones provided by Xiao Mi are sure to bring more competition to the market with their price and features. For those in the Western World, they will have to patiently wait for extremely affordable smartphones to breach their markets.