What’s In-store when Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is Released?

samsung note 7

The announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has the tech world excited. The phone – a cross between a standard smartphone and a larger tablet – affords possibilities that previous versions of the Galaxy series haven’t. With a wealth of new features, a stunning design and some brand new hardware on offer, everyone’s itching to buy it. So let’s take a look at what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has in store.
While Samsung has remained tight-lipped on many of the phone’s features, we’re excited about the ones they have announced. For one, the phone will be completely waterproof and even more durable than before. For people prone to knocking their phone off high places, and dropping it in the bathtub, this will come as welcome news.

Speedy charging

The phone will also come with fast charging capabilities. No longer will we need to wait hours for our mobiles to be done charging; it will be at 100% within 30 minutes. Here’s hoping the battery life lasts longer than at the moment – a couple hours longer could be a lifesaver for some! As well as this, the device offers wireless charging, meaning you’ll be able to charge while on-the-go, without impinging on your phone use.
In terms of cables, the Note7 is set to make a change. The phone’s USB Type-C port uses the Gen 3.1 standard, however this cable will have to be purchased separately. While they are set to change the cable, don’t throw out your old ones just yet; in the Note7 box you will find an adapter that will ensure you can still use the ones you have too.

What else?

The phone will include responsive fingerprint scanner and an eye scanner, to ensure maximum security. Samsung has long been promoting the iris scanner which, in combination with its fingerprint counterpart, could spell great things in the fight against hackers.
It will also integrate Android Pay, bringing it up to speed with the new wave of mobile payments – when released, paying in-store will be made even quicker.
Importantly, Samsung will act to revolutionise the phone’s display. As well as maximising on the flat surface in order to allocate for the S Pen, the Note7 features slight curves on both the front and back of the phone. With the curves now closer to the edge and on all sides, the phone is now slimline and easier to grip than other models – with a gorgeous display to add to the benefits.


Slated to be released to the public on the 20th of August for pre-ordering, there’s not long to wait to get your hands on this revolutionary phone. For keen shoppers looking to get their hands on it as soon as possible, you’ll be happy to know that we offer them right here.

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