Vivo X60 and X60 Pro Singapore Price and Review

vivo v60 singapore price

The Vivo X60 & the X60 Pro are part of the Vivo X60 series which is expected to release on the 15th of May 2021.

The Vivo X60 has three versions and it costs $540 for the lowest end model and the Vivo X60 Pro costs $690 and it has only one version.

Vivo is not known for their premium smartphones.

If you look at the promos of Vivo, you can clearly tell that Vivo has been pushing the agenda for the cameras. The Zeiss pus is very clear and every phone in the Vivo X60 series – X60, X60 Pro and X60 Pro Plus have better cameras than anything we have seen from Vivo.

Does the Vivo X60 and the X60 Pro deliver in terms of camera and more?


Vivo X60

Vivo X60 Pro


6.56-inch AMOLED, Corning Gorilla Glass 6, 120 Hz

6.56-inch AMOLED, Corning Gorilla Glass 6, 120 Hz


Plastic Frame, Gorilla Glass Back

Aluminum Frame, Gorilla Glass Back


Android 11, Funtouch 11.1

Android 11, Funtouch 11.1


Qualcomm SM8250-AC Snapdragon 870 5G

Qualcomm SM8250-AC Snapdragon 870 5G

Storage & RAM

128GB, 8GB RAM

256GB, 12GB RAM

256GB, 12GB RAM

Primary Camera

48-MP Wide lens

13-MP Telephoto

13-MP ultrawide lens

48-MP Wide lens

13-MP Telephoto

13-MP ultrawide lens

Front Camera

32-MP wide lens

32-MP wide lens


4300 mAh, Fast Charging 33W

4200 mAh, Fast Charging 33W

As you can see from the specs the Vivo X60 and X60 Pro aren’t that different in terms of their specs, with the exception of the body. The X60 Pro has an aluminum frame, whereas the X60 has a plastic frame.

Vivo X60 Pro Singapore Price

Vivo X60 Singapore Price

In this review, the reviews we provide are for both the models, as they both have the same features.

Vivo X60 and X60 Pro Singapore Specifications

In a Nutshell

The Vivo X60 and X60 Pro are almost perfect phones in all respects.

They have the killer display with a 120Hz refresh rate and high quality HDR10+ with best in class screen protection with the Xensation Up from Schott. Good pixel density and amazing for watching content and gaming.

The chipset is also the best chipset for gaming and built for the 5G network. A very powerful chipset amply supported by the RAM. It’s built for gaming and does have 120FPS support with no lag.

The OS is a lot lighter and closer to the Stock Android that everybody loves. But if one has to nitpick, then the downside is, the Funtouch OS does have bloatware with regards to certain apps that are built-in and cannot be deleted which is quite sad. If Vivo changes this feature, they have a world class OS with the FunTouch Os.

The camera on the Vivo X60 and the X60 Pro are the same and there are no differences. The camera is top notch quality with great colour rendering and high quality crisp images. The cameras nail all aspects such as wide angle, close-up, night shots and the video has been taken to the next level with Gimbal Stabilization.

The battery life is good, but not great. But it’s nothing to complain about as it lasts easily for one and a half days.

Gamers, content creators and bargain hunters will love this. It’s perfect

The Vivo X60 series is an affordable flagship with all the right features expected in a modern day smartphone. If you cannot afford the Huawei and Samsung and Apple’s of the world, then the Vivo X60 comes to the rescue.

Design & Display

It’s quite difficult to critique the design of a phone, especially with most smartphones looking the same. The Vivo X60 and the X60 Pro look like your average smartphone as well with the exception of the camera.

The camera lens for the X60 and the X60 Pro look big and stand out completely. The camera portion is a bit high and if you don’t have a case on, then the phone will be on a tilt.

The part of the look comes from it’s protective layer, which is the Gorilla Glass 6. The X60 and the X60 Pro both have a Gorilla Glass 6 on the back.

The X60 Pro has an aluminum finish and the Vivo X60 has a plastic finish, this definitely adds to the look of the X60 Pro.

The design of the phone looks similar to the Samsung S21 series. The colours are Midnight Black & Shimmer Blue for both the devices.

The Midnight Black looks quite great. The phone is quite thin and doesn’t look “chunky” which definitely makes it stand out.

The phones have a matte finish on the back, which is the best possible look for a smartphone. If you don’t like fingerprints on your smartphone, then you would like this phone.

It has quite thin bezels, which makes the display look bigger than it already is.


Vivo has ensured that the X60 and the X60 Pro has a solid display and it shows with the high quality 6.56-inch AMOLED screen. It’s got the sought after 120 Hz refresh rate and HDR10+

With a high screen to body ratio of 90%+. It’s almost all screen. A decent PPI density of 398.

That’s just the specs, how does the display hold up? While gaming, the display showed no lags and that is pretty much thanks to the high refresh rate and the 240Hz response rate. Under the bright sun, the colours hold up and the contrast is amazing.

The display is protected by the Xensation Up, which is Schott’s protector for display’s thats gaining momentum.

If you’re a gamer, then you will love this phone, because it has the best possible experience while gaming and it’s quite tough!


With most Android smartphone manufacturers, if they stick to Stock Android for their OS experience, they’ll probably give the best experience to the users.

Without all the bells and whistles, the experience is pretty great and that is exactly what FunTouch OS has become in the latest edition.

The FunTouch OS 11.1 is quite good. It has an App Drawer and the icons can be moved around.

The OS does have some apps pre-installed, such as Netflix. This can constitute Bloatware, but as most people use Netflix, it’s a good addition. But sadly, the apps that come pre-installed cannot be deleted.

Chipset, Storage, RAM

Both the X60 and the X60 Pro, both run on the Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 870. The 870 chipset is built for 5G phones and also works with Wifi 6. You can expect much faster Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Another big boon for gamers is this chipset which is built for gaming. You get HDR game quality and 2020 color gamut. The GPU drivers are updateable and isn’t dependent on Android OS updates.

The X60 comes in two versions – 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage and 12GB RAM with 256GB storage. The X60 Pro comes only in one version and that’s the 12GB RAM with 256GB.

This combination of the chipset and RAM, makes it a powerful phone. It can multitask without breaking a sweat and that includes gaming while multitasking.

It can store in the RAM of 4 to 5 apps concurrently. We did speak about the prowess of the Qualcomm 870 chipset for gaming. But how does it work in the real world?

The integration of VRAM (The RAM storage specifically for video and gaming) takes the performance to the next level. With this VRAM addition, you can play at 120fps for games that do allow that, like Free Fire.

Games like Call of Duty are also quite a breeze and you get real time experience with a solid display experience. Clearly looking at these details, this is a gamer’s phone.


The Vivo X60 series is about the cameras. It’s not about the display, it’s not about the powerful chipset, but the cameras.

The camera lens is from Zeiss and this is a big partnership for Vivo. It has a 48MP primary camera with f/4.8 aperture, a 13 MP portrait camera with 2x optical zoom, and a 13 MP ultrawide camera.

The cameras boast of a host of features

  • Gimbal Stabilization 2.0
  • Extreme Night Vision 2.0
  • Biotar Portrait
  • Pixel Shift Ultra HD Imaging

The shots on the camera are of the perfect colour and detailing. This is primarily because of the Pixel Shift Ultra HD Imaging.

A lot of the pictures in modern day cameras aren’t true to life, but the Vivo X60 series has colours reproduced just like real life and it’s quite top notch. The shadows and the highlights are really good.

The truth is, the detailing on these cameras are perfect. The Biotar Portrait feature is basically a portrait mode that’s much more advanced. It outlines the object and gives a depth to the object.

Even the close-up shots are super amazing, that comes from the Super Macro feature. When compared to Xiaomi’s flagship which doesn’t do closeup shots well. So if you are a big fan of closeup photography, then the Vivo X60 can provide you the tools.

Let’s talk about the video.

The Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 is great for content creators who are on the move. It really helps with keeping the video intact without any blurring effect and that’s one of the best we’ve seen across flagships.

The wide angle shots are good, which is a default feature, but the Night Shots with the Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature, ensures that the night shots are quite good and bring in a lot of light from the surroundings to give the best effect. Android phones have rarely done night shots as good as an iPhone, but the Vivo X60 and Vivo X60 Pro do it justice.

But the true beauty of the night shots come in landscapes without any artificial light like in cities and that’s where the Moon and Astronomy shots shine through.

The selfie camera is a 32-MP shooter that again does a great job of colour stabilization

This is one of the best cameras on an Android flagship for this season.


The batteries on the Vivo X60 and the X60 Pro are 4300 mAh and 4200 mAh respectively. Why the X60 gets a slightly higher battery level is something only Vivo can explain. The battery life is quite good, lasting for over more than a day. In some cases, with light use, you get the battery to last for one and a half days.

For a lot of people, this is not a good enough battery life. But truth be told, this smartphone isn’t meant for light users and it’s meant for gamers and for heavy camera use.

It does have 33W fast charging which is decent.

Who is Vivo X60 for


A perfect smartphone for gamers because of its all round capabilities. The display and it’s refresh rate and response rate is world class. The screen to body ratio also gives an immersive gaming experience.

The chipset is built for gaming and most games that can render in 120FPS can be easily navigated without breaking a sweat. A perfect phone for gamers!

Content Creators / Photographers

The Vivo X60 series is pushing the camera agenda and it has one of the best cameras out there. Good portrait shots for those live videos. Great night light shots. Good wide angle shots and even amazing close up shots. The video stabilization is also on point and makes it perfect for content creators on the move. One of the best phone cameras out there.

Bargain Hunters

It’s got the flagship specs and got the top class features at a much lesser price. This is actually because Vivo doesn’t have the same pull such as the big brands like Samsung and Apple and to be competitive, they have to be cheaper while delivering the same quality. So if you are in a budget and want a tremendous phone, this is it.

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