Samsung S21 Ultra Singapore Price and Review

The S21 series has been a much anticipated series of smartphones and have lived up to the expectations. The biggest, most expensive and feature rich in the lineup is the S21 Ultra.

The S21 Ultra is a 5G phone that is priced around $1798 for the entry level device in Singapore. 

The S21 Ultra has everything under the sun and is a premium phone with the best features that money can buy. The price of the S21 Ultra is a bit of a concern, but apart from that and a few other minor reasons, this is one of the best phones in the market currently.

Samsung S21 Ultra Specifications

Design & Display of the Samsung S21 Ultra

The S21 Ultra is a beast of a device. Large 6.8-inch screen with the powerful Gorilla Glass Victus. Before we get to the display, let’s talk about the design of the phone.

The S21 series have the distinct camera styles that have a raised level as an enclosure for the back cameras. This is called a contour cut and personally it’s a very 

The front camera has a punch hole setup which seamlessly blends into the display. The S21 Ultra is available in Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, Phantom Titanium and Phantom Silver.

The back panel is made of glass and has a matte finish. It’s one of the sleekest looks on a Samsung we’ve seen. 

The 6.8-inch display is curved and the screen does look edge to edge and is a beautiful display with 120Hz refresh rate with a Quad HD resolution. Generally, this is an either or situation. The S21 Ultra having both the options is honestly not a game changer.

The brightness on the S21 Ultra is about 1500 nits, which is the peak brightness, which is decent under sunlight. 

Samsung fingerprint sensor is much talked about because it uses the latest ultrasonic tech that is developed by Qualcomm. The only major difference from the previous fingerprint sensors was the area size of where you could use your finger, it’s much larger and better at recognizing the fingerprint. 

Samsung S21 Ultra S-Pen 

The S-Pen requires its own section because it’s the only phone in the S21 series that is compatible with the S-Pen. 

This places the S21 Ultra, a league above the S21 and the S21+.

First things first, it’s not only compatible with the S-Pen but also other types of stylus devices. Generally the S-pen compatibility has been restricted to the Note series and it’s the first time Samsung has added this feature to a smartphone is another series.

The Note series does get bulky because of the provision of the S-Pen. In the case of the S21 Ultra 5G, there is no provision to place the S-Pen. This actually helps to keep the phone petite, while adding the feature.

The new S21 Ultra case comes with a case that can protect the phone and hold the S-pen as well.

The new S-pen is much bigger and is a lot more comfortable to hold. Apart from taking quick notes, it helps with the ‘Air Gestures’ which helps you access features without touching your phone.

The S Pen in the future is expected to behave like a remote controller that lets you access a host of other features.

Performance – RAM, OS and more

The new S21 phones get a new chipset which is an Exynos 2100. This is Samsung’s very own chipset which is equal to the Snapdragon 888 which is the chipset that’s being used for the S21 devices in the U.S.

The S21’s specs are much improved. Not only from a chipset point of view, but also the OS. The OS on the S21 is Samsung’s One UI 3.0 with the latest Android 11.

The one big downside is the lack of a Micro SD card. Samsung does expect you to pay more for the 256GB or the 512GB version which does come with a 16GB RAM.

The default RAM option is 128GB. 

The OS itself is massively improved with lesser steps to get to the end result. It’s blazing quick while using the phone.

Samsung’s Bixby has been the thorn in their flesh for a long time and although there isn’t a dedicated Bixby button, there is a Bixby option that can be activated. 

Samsung S21 Ultra Cameras

The S21 Ultra isn’t just about the display and the specs. It’s as much about the cameras. This phone aims to compete with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. And it does bring the camera firepower with it.

Before we get to how good the cameras are, here are the specs

  • 108 MP Wide camera
  • 10 MP periscope telephoto with 10X optical zoom
  • 10 MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom
  • 12 MP ultrawide camera

The camera can shoot in 3x zoom, 10x zoom and also 30x zoom. The zoom-in with the tripod lock enables the viewfinder to be focused on a single shot, giving the best details and clarity that we’ve seen on a camera.

The ultra-wide cameras on the S21 Ultra are unlike no other. The 30x zoom on the S21 is unparalleled and even Apple is incapable of it. 

The S21 has features that automates the shot depending on the environment. So what does the 108 MP camera do?

The main camera has the laser-assisted phase detection with autofocus. There is an improvement in the dynamic range of shots taken outdoors.

The night shots on the S21 Ultra are much improved. Video recording at 4k at 60fps and 8k at 24fps is a possibility.

Director’s view is aimed at the content creators and it’s a pretty nifty feature to have. You can also shoot videos while taking photos with the S21 Ultra.

Samsung S21 Ultra Battery

The 5000 mAh battery ensures a full day on consistent use. The Quad HD and the 120Hz refresh rate affects battery life considerably.

It doesn’t come with a charger but it can charge with a 25W charger. It doesn’t support 45W chargers, although Samsung does claim that the 25W has been optimized to perform as well as the 45W version.


The best flagship of 2021 is the Samsung S21 Ultra. If you can ignore the lack of a battery charger and a micro SD card slot , then this phone has got it all and aces every single department. 

Samsung S21 Ultra Singapore Pricing