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Though numerous brands are seen coming up with the best mobile phones in the market, LG does not stay behind. The unveiling of LG G6 Singapore handset is an amazing roll out to other smartphones released. Let us find out what features makes one buy this smartphone:


The big display of LG G6, 5.7-inches, lets you use it for an all screen purpose. Be it watching movies, shows or reading an article; the phone gives a very comfortable and intriguing feel. Compared to other high-performing smartphones in the market such as Samsung Galaxy S7, this phone is much narrower than them.
It offers a full vision display. The phone is designed in a way that it can be divided into two equal squares. Now, this lets you enjoy a unique feature in your camera. The square feature lets you click a square image at one side and show the previously clicked in the side of the display. Thus, one does not have to waste time opening the gallery to look at the last clicked images. Moreover, G6 Singapore does not offer a curved screen for a reason being assurance of non-breakage of the display from the sides.


The phone features a dual lens back camera. It is a 13 MP camera letting you shoot with various adjustments. With the 100 degrees of visibility on shooting an image, the camera allows you to click a picture with 2x optical zoom and 14x digital zoom.

lg g6 singapore

Feature – Water Resistant Body Frame

The best part about the phone is it won’t stop working if it falls in a bucket of water. The device can outlast up to 30 minutes up to a 5-metre depth of watch. Numerous experiments immensely prove that the phone works out well even when you give it a shower. So, if you are terribly addicted to your phone, give it a bath along with you! However, the device being water resistant, it has a non-removable battery. This is something that comes with a drawback where people usually get the battery out of their phones rather than looking out for charging points at that same moment. But to cover this up to the best it can do, G6 has a fast charging technology that lets you grow up the battery charge within minutes.


LG G6 Singapore is seen performing really well while surveyed several users post its launch. It works on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. Thus, it runs smoothly no matter how much you use it for gaming or watching movies. Listen to unlimited music and do what you like, the processor assures its smooth performance. It has 4 GB RAM with the internal storage capacity of 32 GB. One can use a memory slot to increase the storage capacity with a memory card.

Final word
The design being not much impactful, the phone has an overall excellent experience. The water-resistant feature has made it one of the users’ favourites. Moreover, it’s affordability, and decent functions shall let you consider it while you buy a new one!

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