iPhone 7 Release

With Apple just weeks away from releasing their new iteration of their revolutionary line of smartphones – the iPhone 7 – information about the new phone is slowly starting to trickle out. The iPhone 7 is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the tech world is abuzz with rumours and speculations about the new piece of tech. This post will sift through the trash and run through what you are most likely going to see from the new iPhone 7.


Unofficial, leaked photos and videos have shown some moderate changes to the looks and aesthetics of the iPhone. The biggest rumour still up for debate is whether or not there will be multiple models of new iPhone made available. It is speculated that Apple are looking to release a standard iPhone 7, as well as an iPhone 7 Plus and an executive iPhone 7 Pro. Whether we will see one, two or three new iPhones has yet to be disclosed by Apple.

Another large aesthetic move that looks to be true is the removal of a standard 3.5mm audio headphone jack. Leaked photos have shown an iPhone with no viewable port for your headphones. Apple are known for removing what seems like essential hardware for some time, from removing optical drives on their laptops to removing USB ports.


The quality of the camera on the iPhone has improved with each model, and it is speculated to be no different this time around. New features have also been heavily speculated, such as dual-camera modules and optical stabilization. Whatever the case, expect a better camera than before with the new iPhone 7.


The battery life on the iPhone 7 is expected to be much better than previous models, thanks to an upgraded battery. Rumours are circulating that new users should expect a 14 per cent increase in battery life in their new iPhone 7 – that equates to around an hour and a half more video playback time.

iOS 10

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS10, has already pointed to a lot of new upgrades to be expected on the iPhone 7. These include an upgraded Siri, better maps, improved photo cataloguing and a greatly improved messaging system.

With the iPhone 7 expected to drop some time in September, now is the time to keep your ears to the ground for new rumours. Apple appear to be keeping their new upgrades closely guarded secrets, so for most of us we will have to wait until release to see all of the new changes.

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