Buy Samsung Phones (Galaxy S, A, and Note Series) in Singapore

When it comes to Android phones, Samsung is well-known for manufacturing some of the best-selling smartphones in the industry. Despite the number of brands in the telecommunications industry, Samsung is a technology giant that continues to remain firmly at the top by coming out with top-quality, solid features with competitive pricing in the market.

Unlike other retailers and manufacturers, Samsung provides smartphones within their Galaxy S and A series that are both in mid and low-tier price categories – affordable and accessible for our consumers in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a productivity-enabled smartphone or one that boasts stellar camera quality and features, there is definitely an option in the Samsung range of smartphones to match your needs.

Red White Mobile carries the Samsung Galaxy S and A series, along with the Note series online for our consumers in Singapore.

Samsung Galaxy S and A Series Phones in Singapore

Choose a Samsung phone from either the Galaxy S or A series. Our collection of new Samsung phones and used phones accommodate every user’s needs; be it price-wise, quality, or features. Though the Samsung Galaxy S series are considered high-end smartphones, the A series is comparably much more affordable in price range for users in Singapore.

The Samsung Galaxy S series in SG constitutes the company’s main flagship phone range. With its glass and waterproof design, users can expect the smartphones to look sleek and classy. Built with a strong and enduring software, the Samsung Galaxy S series phones in SG are capable of handling the most demanding of programs – making them top choices for productivity-based or work usage.

The Samsung A Series smartphones in Singapore have strong battery life and boasts elegance in design. The Samsung A series smartphones are superior to the S series in terms of exterior design while at the same time, comfortably priced at a mid-tier range for affordability in Singapore.

Samsung Note Series Phones – Price and Specs (in Singapore market)

Primarily angled towards pen computing, the Samsung Note series smartphones differ in their price and specs compared to their other flagship smartphones. The Note series smartphones generally have a bigger screen than the other Samsung handsets, equipped with gesture controls that make for efficient operation and usage.

Need To Repair Your Samsung Phone? Contact Us.

Aside from the new and old Samsung Galaxy S, A and Note series smartphones, Red White Mobile also offers repair services for Samsung phones in Singapore. Even the most stellar of phones malfunction from time to time – when that does happen, buying a new phone is hardly an option for everyone. Our repair services will set your Samsung smartphone back to mint working conditions.

If you are looking to trade in your old Samsung phone, we also offer the space for the service. However, it is important to note that prices for trading in phones are subject to market price fluctuations and quality of the phone itself.

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