Red White Mobile | Mobile Phone Repair in Singapore 

Phones have undoubtedly become a necessity in our daily lives. However, as we use our phones for years and expose them to external factors, they are bound to lose their functionality. And having at hand a non-functioning mobile device will not be practical. As such, finding a solution quickly is a must. While some might opt to get a new phone or a second-hand device, this might not be a feasible solution for those who have just gotten a new handset or have budget constraints. This is where Red White Mobile comes in with our mobile phone repair services in Singapore.

Why Choose Red White Mobile for Mobile Repair?

Redefining mobile repair, our services are quick, cost-effective and accessible to everyone, making Red White Mobile your one-stop solution for all your repair needs. Be it iPhone repair or Samsung repair services, we cover everything from battery replacement to phone screen repair at affordable prices. Here is a breakdown of the different mobile repair services we provide: 

1. Battery Replacement

All mobile phones are known to develop battery issues as they age. While your handset still might be able to perform basic tasks, constantly having to search for an outlet for a quick charge can be a hassle. To ensure that your battery quits depleting quickly and retains optimal battery health, we offer battery replacement services that can be done quickly.  

2. Screen Repair 

Be it due to an accidental drop or damage to the LCD, Red White Mobile offers various grades of screen and LCD replacements. Our screen replacement and repair ensures that your phone looks brand-new.  

3. Water Damage Repair

If your mobile device has been the subject of water damage, Red White Mobile will provide a free diagnosis to determine the extent of the damage before offering the best repair solution and quotation. 

Phone Repair at Bugis

Find yourself searching “phone repair shop near me” online and being overwhelmed by the many options? At Red White Mobile, we handle every mobile device entrusted to us with care. Offering on-the-spot phone repair services at affordable prices at our shop in Bugis, Singapore, rest assured that you will get the best solution to have your phone back to its best possible condition. For more information on our battery replacement, screen repair and additional services, browse our FAQ page where we answer some of the most common questions.