Ringke Singapore

Ringke or Reearth Inc. was established in 2003 and is headquartered at Bucheon, South Korea. Ringke aims to provide its users with solutions to everyday problems; and the company has been doing it with the help of everyday consumer devices like smartphones, laptops and a diverse range of other IT products. They produce an elaborate range of mid-level, budget and premium cases for everyday electronic devices that have been infused with innovative engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Ringke has always been a tough competition to its various competitors including, Inch, Spigen, Sonic, RuggON, Samya, Oraimo and VRS Designs. Invisible Defender, their screen protector for smartphones comes as thin as they come and provide the best protection without compromising on clarity. Ringke SLIM is their hard case which comes with all round 360 protection while being sleek and sneaky. The RingkeFushion is another heart winner which is a clear hard case that comes bundled with shock absorption and scratch resistant polycarbonate coating. The company only seems to advance in their efforts to provide such unique solutions and protection to their consumers with their Ringke MAX and Ringke Signature range; of which the former is an all terrain shock and scratch resistant case while the latter being a sophisticated all leather design that oozes premium from every corner.