iPhone 12 pro max Singapore Price and Review

12 pro max

The biggest iPhone yet is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The 11 Pro Max did not sell that well compared to the other phones in the 11 series because apart from the large display, there was no major difference between the phones.

The 12 Pro Max is different. It’s bigger, better and the best iPhone that Apple has released. And that’s not an overstatement.

Bigger and better, more often than not, means more expensive. Let’s see the price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max’ price in Singapore starts at $1799 for 128GB, $1969 for 256GB and $2299 for 512GB. 

The Pro Max has a few things going for it that makes it one of the elite phones, but it does have its downsides that we will ccover. 

Here are the pricing plans from different operators

Singtel iPhone 12 Pro Max Pricing Plans

Singtel Plans / iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max (64GB)iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB)iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB)
XO 48 – 5G$1,148$1,308$1,608
XO 78 – 5G$788$938$1,238
XO 108 – 5G$518$668$968
Combo 2 – 5G$1,238$1,398$1,698
Combo 3 – 5G$1,008$1,158$1,458
Combo 6 – 5G$788$948$1,248
Combo 12 – 5G$8$108$408

iphone 12 Pro Max Design & Display 

The first thing that strikes you about the phone is its size. It dwarfs the iPhone 12 by a lot and is the biggest Apple iPhone ever manufactured.

It’s got the beautiful stainless steel finish on the sides that gives it that premium finish and the squared edges again are an eye catching feature.

With glass on the front and the back, the premium look is complete. It’s available in four colours – Graphite, Silver, Pacific Blue and Gold. 

The Gold is especially striking and looks and feels super premium. 

The massive size does have a problem. Holding the phone does become a hassle. For some people, it’s too huge and the squared edges don’t help as well.

The thick camera sensors housed in the back are raised and you’ll definitely need a case to flatten it out. 

Let’s talk about the display. It has a massive 6.7-inch OLED display. Apple christened it the Super XDR display. 

There are not many phones in the market that can beat this display. The thin bezels are barely noticeable. 

This is an amazing display experience perfect for gamers and for people who consume a lot of content on their phones. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max like its siblings has the Ceramic Shield on top that is more resistant to drops compared to the older generation models. It is a much stronger device. But it will still break. 

The new displays are also prone to scratches and that for sure requires a tempered glass.


The A14 Bionic chipset is by far the most powerful. The Pro Max has a 6GB RAM and a GPU which is better than its predecessor. 

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is unmatched in terms of performance. It can play any game and multitask with ease. 

It’s the fastest phone out there in the market. 

iphone 12 Pro Max Cameras 

Apple’s flagship phones have the best cameras in the world. Period. If you think Apple doesn’t upgrade the iPhone’s camera every year, then think again.

It is a triple camera set-up with three 12-megapixel cameras performing different functions. The wide angle lens, ultra-wide angle lens and a 2.5x telephoto zoom.

All the cameras are enabled with the night mode which is an upgrade compared to last year. The i12 Pro Max does have a better camera than the 12 Pro with certain respects.

It is a bigger camera than the 12 Pro and can let in more light, it’s brighter and better. 

It’s got the HDR3, Deep Fusion technology which is used for creating a perfect image after the image has been shot. Apple’s cameras also have got really good at identifying the image that is being captured and dynamically adjusts the settings ever so slightly to capture the best image.

The camera is better than the iPhone 12 Pro. Not in terms of specifications but purely in terms of the size of it. 

When it comes to picture quality? There is not a major difference and this is the biggest issue with the 12 Pro Max. Ideally you want your best phone to have the best camera. It is the best, but the iPhone 12 also has the same stuff.

But we need to talk about the Night Mode. The night mode on the 12 Pro Max is way better than the 11 Pro Max. The photos details are rich and clearer than any other phone. 

iphone 12 Pro Max Battery 

The iPhone 12 Mini’s battery life is poor because of the size of the phone. It’s the exact opposite for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The size ensures that the battery can be massive and that gives you one of the best battery life across phones.

Having said that the 5G network does cause some drain compared to the same process done on a 4G network.

Another cool feature is the dynamic 5G use. When Apple deems it necessary to use a 5G network for the task you’re performing, it will automatically move to 5G, otherwise it switches back to the old-school 4G network.

This saves a lot of battery life. It takes quite a lot of time and a lot of resources to drain the battery. Yes, you heard it right. It’s hard to drain the battery on this phone and the phone can easily last more than a day on a single charge. 

Some tests have suggested you can still be left with 30% battery after a 24 hour period. The 20W charger can give you 50% in about 30 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is an amazing phone. There is no downside to it unless it’s about price. It’s an expensive phone. But other than that, it’s the best smartphone in the world that money can buy!