Are You Paying a Higher Price Tag for Your New Phone?

For a long time now people have accepted the fact that a new phone is going to be rather expensive, but should it really have to be? We have gotten used to the fact that a new iPhone or Galaxy is going to cost somewhere over the $500 mark, and this is normal.

We have been convinced through advertising from both technology producers and our service providers that new smartphones are still a cheap and viable option for purchasing a new phone. But do we really need to fork out well over a week’s pay for a gadget that really shouldn’t be that expensive?

It used to be that when a new phone came on the market, you would only need to pay somewhere around $100 for it. But now that smartphones have so much more to offer (apps, online shopping, music) than the standard call, text, and Snake Nokia “brick”. However, when those phones came out they were at the forefront of technology for the time. So why then should you have to pay somewhere nearing the thousand-dollar mark for a new phone?
Especially now, when more people are quick to hand in their phone for a new model, making those older models (which are still incredibly relevant) second-hand. Today, with new technology being released at a rapid rate, and when advancements are becoming fewer for new smartphones, it is a great idea to purchase a second-hand model of a slightly older phone (given the phone is still in good condition).

You can easily find models of iPhones, Samsung Galaxies Androids etc. that are in great working order and are more than half the price of when they were purchased only a short time before. And not only this, there are a raft of technology producers coming through that are happy to provide their product for a far greater price than those of their big-name competitors.

Just because a new model has been released that boasts a better processor, advancements in camera technology, and improved interface, it does not mean that your (slightly) older model has become obsolete. And if you are really in the market for a new model of smartphone, you can find them second-hand online and in store for a much greater price than when it was purchased only a few weeks/moths before. It is simply unnecessary to have to pay an unreasonably high amount for a new smartphone.

Best Gadget Gifts to Give this Christmas

The Christmas tree is well and truly up and the jolly, fat man we’ve all come to love is ready to dive into our chimneys once more. But with the excitement of the holiday season comes the stress of knowing what to buy friends and family for the big day. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our tech favourites to give you some inspiration.

Fitness bands

Still an iconic product across the tech industry, wearable devices like fitness bands are still a perfect fit for anyone that’s constantly on the move. Even if you’re not solely an athlete, these gadgets are great for better understanding how you’re tracking with your daily activity. The Xiaomi MiBand2 is a great example, allowing you to track heart rate, vital stats and other sports-related numbers.

Bluetooth headsets

Not everyone is so good at multi-tasking. For those that are constantly on-the-go and lead a hectic social or professional life, Bluetooth headsets cut out the hassle of having to talk as well as be on the move. Spanning from smaller budgets through to more expensive options, there’s a number of options to choose from, including the Plantronics range from Red White Mobile.

Used phones

If you’re on a tight budget but have someone in mind who desperately needs a smartphone upgrade, Red White still stocks a number of a used phones in excellent condition. Ranging from the ever-popular Apple, through to Samsung and other renowned brands, there’s a variety of models, makes and sizes to choose from. Prices start from just $200, so it’s hip-pocket friendly.

Phone cases

If you’re after a stocking stuffer or something to give for Kris Kringle, phone cases are always ideal. With a number of items to choose from in this field—including Urban Armor and Ringke—there’s a number of styles and designs to take your pick from.

Not sure where to get started?

If you’re still stuck and can’t make a decision, we encourage you to browse our website for more ideas. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team if you require further assistance.

XiaoMi Mi Mix 128GB & 256GB Singapore Review

xiaomi mi mix review singapore

Launched by the renowned Xiaomi brand, the Mi Mix 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM and Mi Mix Singapore 6GB RAM, 256GB ROM are exclusive smartphones. Equipped with advanced features and futuristic technology, these two phones reflect on the brand’s vision to introduce future technology in the present world. And from the look, feel and design to the technical specifications, Mi Mix delivers its brand promise.

xiaomi mi mix review singapore

• Mi Mix 128GB and 256GB are based on innovative concepts, and feature edgeless LCD design.

• With 6.4 inches size, 16MP PDAF camera, and Snapdragon 821; these are must-have phones for all smartphone users.

• Available only in black, both the Mix phones have full ceramic body along with GPS high-precision positioning.

• Its HD audio of 192 kHz/24 bit, and 4400mAh Quick Charge 3.0 facility, make it more attractive for its users.

• Higher screen-to-body ratio of 91.3% provides high user-interface and enhances user-friendly experience.

• Customised 17:9 display increases the screen space, and accounts for better viewing of screen content.

• The rounded corners and narrow borders completes the elegant look and sleek design of the phones.

• Ceramic acoustic technology helps to convert electrical signals into mechanical energy.

• Mix phones come with an in-built ultrasonic proximity sensor.

• Compact front camera provides good quality image and video capturing experience. However, compared to typical front camera modules, Mix is 50% smaller. Nonetheless, users enjoy its full HD quality images and take 1080p videos.

• For the selfie freaks, the upside-down rotation of camera, is a noteworthy feature.

• Camera also allows geo-tagging, auto face detection, touch focus, HD recording and panorama.

• Where the above features are present in both the Xiaomi phones, Mi Mix 6GB RAM comes with fingerprint sensor and has 18k gold trim on the front camera.


• Mix 128GB and 256GB has 15.8*81.9*7.9mm dimensions, and is extremely light in weight (209g).

• It offers Dual SIM: Nano-SIM and dual stand-by; and has 3.5mm earphone port.

• Phone memory supports most audio, video, image, and e-book formats.

• It has MIUI 8.0 Operating System, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

• Quad-core CPU of 2×2.35 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo and 653MHz Adreno 530 GPU provide excellent functionality.

• Availability of multiple video quality images- 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30fps, 720p@120fps provide various video capturing options to the users.

• Infrared port and radio features are absent.

• Type-C 1.0 USB with Quick Charge 3.0 and reversible connector allows quicker transfer of files and high storage and data backup.

• Finally, the Li-Ion 4400 mAh (typ) / 4300 mAh (min) battery is non-removable, thus; eliminating of external battery damage.

To sum up, Mix 128GB and 256GB are excellent phones offering futuristic technology, excellent performance, and integrated features; thus providing great user satisfaction. Both the phones are available online. Where the Mi Mix 4GB and the Mi Mix 6GB, for its golden trim and powerful fingerprint sensor, is priced slightly higher. Besides the phone, buyers also get 1 leather case, 1 power adapter, 1 SIM needle, 1 user manual, and 1 USB Type-C cable, in the package. To experience advanced technology and enjoy exclusive features, the two Xiaomi phones are undoubtedly the best.

Is Blackberry dead?

blackberry singapore price

Holy Cow! Our young adult years dream phone as well as Barack Obama’s recent phone is done. The Blackberry phone, which was previously from the company Research in Motion, was at the peak of the smartphone market. They were at the top of the roost with a massive 41% market share in 2010 and that plummeted to 0.8% in 2016.

The big problem with Blackberry was their failure to see the looming problem. They were completely and totally outwitted by the iPhone and they refused to do anything about it. And they didn’t because they were their top in their field, similar to Nokia.

singapore bb

If you look at companies like LG, Samsung, HTC weren’t in the big leagues and they immediately pivoted. It is pretty sad because the Blackberry phones were in the top leagues and advanced for their times, their innovation was incremental.

Blackberry has announced that they will stop making any hardware in the future. This means, from the stable of Blackberry we won’t be seeing another phone. The brand will still continue to exist because Alcatel, the Chinese company is creating the next set of Blackberry phones that will be sold under the Blackberry brand.

The only thing Blackberry will be doing now is creating the software and other ancillary applications.

The Lesson we need to Learn

The story of Blackberry is a very cautionary tale. It also shows the ruthless nature of business. It just shows, keeping a company alive is hard, even though it was thriving. Keeping your eyes and ears open and being aware of the trend could have easily helped Blackberry establish themselves as the third party in this competition between Android and the iPhone.

When the iPhone was launched in 2007, it was such an immense spectacle. It was safe to say that the product went viral. The Blackberry makers had 3 years to figure out a similar line and strategy. Here are two of their main failures.

They looked at pure numbers – After the launch of the iPhone, Blackberry wouldn’t have lost any money or even market share. In fact they had such a healthy share for three years. They purely looked at it as a numbers game and they did not see the potential of the iPhone and how people will flock to it. Looking at just the numbers brought them down.

Another reason was the lack of experimentation prowess. Why wouldn’t Blackberry experiment with a similar phone? In 2013, when the value of their patents was measured it was close to $2Billion to $3Billion. A company that could have the technical know-how to create patents of so much value, surely they had the know how to dismantle an iPhone and see how it was made. Everybody else jumped into it.

Andy Grove, the Ex-CEO of Intel titled his book “Only the Paranoid Survive”. This is a very important lesson in business. You can never keep your eyes or ears closed, you can never be arrogant about your ideas, you can never be sure about your own products being better than others even if they are number one.

It’s lessons like these that teach future entrepreneurs how to build stronger and better businesses.

The Future of Mobile Phones – What are we expecting next?

future of mobile phones

The Mobile Industry has been the most rapid moving in terms of technology in the history of any product. This is because of the insane competition and the two warring tribes of Android and iOS. It isn’t only about the Operating System’s. It’s also about the various phone manufacturers that are in competition with each other.

The form factors have changed, the phones have become slimmer, lighter and the specs have just gotten better and better while the prices have kept coming down. If this is where the world’s heading then people wouldn’t be holding phones and their hands would just become a phone. Too far fetched? You never know.

The future of phones depends on the company that leads the bandwagon. What the leading company decides is the future, it becomes the reality.  So what do we think phones will be like in the coming years?

Phones will get stronger, sturdier and more lighter. Considering Apple is ruling the roost, they’ll still come up with phones that will be more paper like.  Like the Mi Mix is promising us, the screen of the phones will take precedence and their screen rations will get 100% which means 100% of the screen will just be glass.

Gorilla will come up with sturdier glasses that won’t break or scratch easily but still will be sturdy enough even when you drop it. That’s to do with the form factor. What about the world of Apps?

Apps are tricky. Simple utility based apps will keep getting ingrained into the OS, it’s the entertainment apps like the game apps that will get more immersive and will involve real world application. Take Magic Leap, the company as an example. Their focus is to create a world where the real blends in with the virtual. Your real will be able to direct the virtual in almost a physical way. This is the kind of immersion that will be expected in the phones of the future.

future of mobile

The mobile phone also will become a much more important tool. Right now it handles communication, entertainment and work. It will become the hub for much more. You can know if your belongings are safe and secure through a screen in your phone. You can interact with other products in your household through the phone. You can also ask your car to come to the front door to pick you up.

Phones also will become multi-purpose devices. You can already see with the arrival of Motorola Mods, you can modify your phone to suit your specific need. If you want it as a photography tool, it will become a full fledged camera, if you want it to become a defibrillator, it will have capabilities for the same. It will become the central device for a lot of major activities with ancillary products supporting it to enhance the desired experience.

Mobile Phones are going to be an Integral device to our life. They are going to have all our information and they will know us better with advanced Siri like AI that will learn better about our preferences and the things we do.

Choosing Where to Buy your Apple or Samsung Mobile Phone in Singapore

It’s going to be something you carry around with you all hours of the day, completing everything from checking work emails and messaging friends, to keeping up with the latest happenings around the world and on your Facebook news feed. Therefore, choosing the right phone at the right place is going to make a big difference. So, here are some things you need to consider when choosing where to buy a mobile phone in Singapore.

Trade-in or sell

Wouldn’t you love to be able to get some cash for that old phone while at the same time getting a pretty new one? Well that is possible when you choose a shop that also offers a trade in and sell option. This is great for those looking to minimise the cost of their new device, and means that drawer of old phones can actually go to good use. Extra tip: make sure you have all the extras like the original box, charger and cable to get the best price.

Used options available

Not all of us need a sparkling new phone fresh from the box. Often buying a used mobile will give you great value for money and no one will be able to tell the difference. If you are looking to save some money, or are simply happy with a model down from the newest release from Apple or Samsung, choosing a shop that offers both new and used phones can be a great way to help you compare and find the right solution for your needs and budget.

Getting everything in the one place

We all know a phone is your lifeline; the thing you carry everywhere and depend on for photos, music, social media and more. So you’ll want to deck it out with all the best accessories to ensure you are getting the most out of it. Choosing a store that stocks all the best gadgets and accessories as well as phones means you can set yourself up easier without the hassle. Get those essentials like a protective case, travel adaptors and more and leave the same day with everything you need to enjoy your phone to the max.

Competitive prices

With phones becoming increasingly pricey, you’ll want to find a store that regularly updates prices to ensure you are getting the best deal. Some stores can help lighten the burden even further by offering installment plans for eligible buyers.

Review of the New One Plus 3T Singapore

one plus 3t singapore price

One Plus 3T is a phenomenal phone which has received a tremendous amount of appreciation ever since it entered the market. After the success story of its predecessor One Plus 3, it has definitely followed the legacy. One of the biggest reasons for its success amongst the users and reviewers is that it has a sleek body, highly resolute camera, and a big screen. The battery capacity is also enhanced in this model. In general, more work has been done on the improvement of its hardware and software as compared to its look. The key features of the phone along with details on its hardware and display will be provided in the following section.

one plus 3t singapore

Key features:

The key features of this phone include a display of 1080p resolution with a 5.5 inch LCD display and a gorilla glass 4. It is available in Gunmetal or soft gold colour. It has a 6GB RAM which makes it really fast. The dual SIM support gives you a possibility to switch between two phone numbers in one phone. It is also 4G LTE enabled which lets you enjoy the high-speed uninterrupted internet. It has a 3400 mAh battery which is non-removable. The non-removable battery might be an issue of concern for some but overall it functions pretty well. It has a very fast battery charging and charges up to 60% in 30 minutes.


One Plus 3T is an elegant looking phone made out of space-grade aluminium making it a sturdy one. It is a light weight phone that weighs 158 grams and has a 7.4mm depth. The camera bumps out a little bit which is a result of its sleek body. This makes the camera lens prone to scratches when left on the table. The phone has a sapphire finish as opposed to the simple glass like its predecessor, giving a nice feeling to its users.

One Plus 3T gives some interesting controls to its users like a full navigation customization options that include on-screen controls as well as the capacitive touch buttons. It can be easily rotated at the software level in order to match the bank or menu key placement you prefer. It also has a fingerprint reader which recognises a tap gesture to go back to the home screen. The phone also offers a nice vibration feedback.


The 5.5 inches screen and a resolution of 1080p is much appreciated by its users and feels just about right. The battery life is greatly enhanced due to the lower screen resolution. For game lovers, the OpenGL ES 3.1 makes gaming more advanced in terms of graphics. The AMOLED panel definitely makes the phone stand out and this becomes better with the great contrast provided by the screen.

Definitely, the resolution of 1080p is not the best for Virtual Reality (VR) and therefore the company does not plan on tapping that side of the market. Moreover, the company does not even have a VR headset of its own. But maybe in future, they plan to make the phone more compatible with VR but they have not given any signals towards it so far.

Overall, the phone succeeds in making its users happy by providing a sleek body, a good battery life, and interesting hardware features. There is definitely scope for improvements in terms of screen resolution or VR compatibility. Check our One Plus 3T Singapore price!

Giving the Gift of Tech for Christmas

Choose a present your friends and family will love and use all year-round. Giving technology or accessories for Christmas is a great way to ensure they get a present that’s both fun and functional. But what to get?

Fortunately, 2016 was a banner year for consumer technology, so there are thousands of options suiting every price point. Whether you want to help your friend get more done or just help them make the most of their downtime, we’ve got something to suit.

Make it the best year yet

We could all use a little help from time to time. Whether it’s keeping our phones running during long business days, staying on top of your agenda during hectic periods, or protecting our mobile devices from knocks and bumps, there’s a piece of tech to help your friend achieve their goals. Our portable batteries are the perfect gift for that friend who never seems to stop, ensuring their phone, tablet and smartwatch keeps going for as long as they do. Available in up to 20,000mAh, many models provide multiple charges, giving your friend all the juice they need.  Want the perfect stocking stuffer? Sneakily find out what model your friend has and get them a tough phone case from Urban Armour Gear, delivering ultimate protection for their most precious devices.

If you’ve got a bit of money to spend, you can’t walk past the range of laptops, tablets, phablets and hybrid devices released this year. Help them work smarter, not harder, with the all new Google Pixel, powered by the intelligent Google Assistant. Give them the ultimate in portable computing with the Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft powered by Intel’s latest i7 chip, a true replacement for their laptop and desktop clocking in at under 800 grams.

Or just have a little fun

But sometimes you just want to give something a bit more enjoyable. The Gear S3 family of smartwatches from Samsung tightly integrates with the Android operating system, stylishly presenting crucial information and helping your friend breeze through their day with intelligent notifications and a fun, friendly UI. The range of designs offers something for every lifestyle, from the hiker to the corporate warrior.

Also perfect is their collection of fitness trackers, the ideal workout partner for anyone. The Gear Fit2 marries a medical-grade heart rate monitor with highly-accurate GPS to give your friend all the information they need on the track, in the gym, or at the pool.

Whatever you choose to give, do your shopping with Red White Mobile and find out how easy it can be to create smiles at Christmas.