iOS hacks and tips

The iOS comes with amazing features and benefits that continue to attract more users each year. But did you know there is more to the iOS than meets the eye? We’ve found a few of the best iOS hacks and tips that can make your iOS experience even better.

Charge Your Phone Faster

Tired of waiting for your phone to recharge? Before you plug it in to charge, switch your phone to Flight Mode. This simple swap over to flight mode will disengage your battery draining Wi-Fi searches and data communicating services and allow your phone to charge much faster.

Your iPhone Can Act as a Lever

Need to check if the shelf you are mounting is level but don’t have a lever? Your iPhone can do the trick! Go into your settings and find the Compass app. Open the app and swipe left to enable the digital version of a real life lever. And the great thing is, it’s just as accurate as the bubble gauge found in many garages.

Fine Tuned Focus for Your Camera

When you tap the screen while taking a picture, it will focus for your snapshot. But usually, it disappears right after the picture is done. If you need that focus for longer, simple hold the screen for one or two seconds until ‘AF Locked’ box pops up. Now you can hold your camera at any angle and move it around as much as you want all while keeping that focused locked.

Customizing Vibrations

If you have ever wished you could set your phone to different vibrations to tell who is calling, your wish is about to come true. Go to Contacts and select the person and hit Edit. There you will see a vibration option. Select this option to open Create New Vibrations tool. From here you can create a beat of your choice by tapping the screen.

Close 3 Apps in One Go

Got lots of apps open and bogging down your phone? You can close three at a time by dragging three fingers across the multitasking menu to get rid of the clutter fast.

Taking a Pic Without Touching Your Phone

Many people already know you can enable the volume buttons to take a picture without having to touch the screen. But if you have a pair of compatible and connected headphones, you can take a picture by adjusting the volume on the headphones making the picture taking experience hands free.

Improving the Battery Life

Spotlight is a popular feature for nearly all Apple customers. But many times it drains precious battery life. To get more out of your battery- especially in times of 10% battery life or less, go to settings-general-spotlight search and you can limit what is pulling in data.

Top 5 Mobile Phones to give away as presents this Christmas

christmas gift

The holiday season is great for spending time with family and friends. The part about the holiday season that can grate your brain is getting gifts for your loved ones. It can be pretty annoying to figure out what to get because of the 1000 products that are available.

We have a suggestion for you.

A very easy gift idea is a Smartphone. It is extremely useful and who doesn’t need a smartphone? People change smartphones every 2 years at the minimum.

There are a variety of smartphones that we cover today and they vary in budgets as well. So if you are getting a phone for a spouse or for a teenager in the family, we’ve got you covered. So if you are wondering what the phones of the season are, here you go.

christmas gift

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 Singapore, The seventh of its name has been released. They just keep getting better and better don’t they? The obvious change in this version is to do with the headphone jack. There is not jack, there is no port and the earphones don’t have wires. They’ve made it wireless. The second big change is the dual camera. If there is a photography aficionado in your family, then they’ll love the iPhone 7 as a present. The camera quality is incredible and the technology that is used is even better. The 12 MP camera uses a wide-angle and telephoto camera. It’s optical zoom is at 2x and Digital zoom up to 10x.

The phone is splash and water resistant as well.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has been reeling from the Note 7 tragedy and they’ve been made fun of by the Internet community. Even recently a mod has appeared on GTA V that lets people use the Samsung Note as a bomb. Samsung, have stopped the production and shipping of the Note 7 and have been touting the S7 to aggrieved customers as the replacement.

So if you want to gift a Samsung that doesn’t blow up during Christmas, then the Samsung S7 Singapore is that phone. It has a 5.1 “ display with 12 MP being the primary camera. A powerful 4GB Snapdragon 820 sits on the base powering the device and the 3000 mAh gives enough juice to the device to keep it on for a while.

Google Pixel Phone

The timing of this phone couldn’t be any better. Just after the iPhone 7 is released, Google gives an alternate option to the world. The 5.5 inch screen Pixel runs on Android 7.

The talk-time on this phone is 32 hours and Music play is up to 130 hours before the battery runs out. This Google’s flagship phone, the OS is theirs and they even manufacture the hardware. It comes in 3 colors : Very Black, Quite Silver, Really Blue. The secondary camera is 8 MP which is good enough for taking amazing selfies and its perfectly sturdy phone to give as a gift this season.

Sony Xperia XA

When you first take a look at it, the Sony Xperia XA Singapore is an incredibly good looking phone. They have varied colors that pop out. The Sony Xperia XA especially the Rose Gold is a great phone for young people in the house. It has a big 5 inch screen which is great for consuming content and a 2300 mAh battery that has a talk-time battery stand by upto 11 hours.

It has an internal memory of 16 GB expandable up to 256 GB. It also has a curved display. The price range is around $500 and it’s a good phone in between a budget phone and a premium phone.

LG V20

This article cannot be complete without the LG V20 Singapore is phone is a beast. If anybody in your family loves phones, you need to get them this phone. This phone has the best of everything you can ask for. It has a 5.7 inch screen which comes in the phablet category and runs on a 4GB RAM with a 3200 mAh battery running the show. It has one of the best cameras with a dual primary camera with 16MP and 8MP.

With that screensize and the configuration it is good for gaming as well. This phone is definitely for a power user and it is great for a teenager to carry around. It runs on Android Nougat and comes in Titan, Silver and Pink.

Those were the phones we’ve covered today that would make amazing gifts this holiday season.

Pros and Cons in the Era of Smartphones

We are living in a day and age where nearly every single person has a smartphone. With everything you could want in a phone all wrapped up in elegant looking package, it’s not hard to see why those with a smartphone have it within reach at all times. For those of us that are a part of the older generations, we can look back on our childhoods with fond memories of a tech free world. But what does this mean for the millennials?

There are definitely benefits and even disadvantages of having a smartphone. Let’s take a closer look to see how the era of the smartphone is affecting the youth of today.


  1. Smartphones Allow Parents to Rest Easy

 f you are a parent worried about the whereabouts of their children, just give them a smartphone. You are able to text or call them no matter where they are. Not to mention, many smartphones come with locator apps and GPS which allow you to pin point exactly where the smartphone is- meaning your child is not too far.


  1. Schools Using More Tech

In today’s school curriculum, many times they are including the use of a tablet or computer to complete the assignments at school or the homework. Students are required to research a topic or complete online modules for their courses. With the constant use of a smartphone, students are able to more easily use the tech required for their school work.


  1. The Infinite Online World

The curiosity of a child can seem endless, yet with the tool as a great as the internet, they are able to find answers to their questions. Whether they have questions about the universe, how to make a cake, or they are interested in tracing their family lineage—they can find the answers online. With the use of a smartphone, the answers to their questions lie in the palm of their hand.


  1. Access to More Music

Previous generations were typically exposed to music choices of their parents or what was available on the radio or record store. Today, kids can explore any and all genres of music through a variety of apps available on smartphones.


  1. Social Learning and Socialization

Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are all examples of how a smartphone can keep you in touch with all the latest updates from your friends and family. You can easily send messages or reach out to a friend or family member in an instant which allows you to be as social as you want to be.



  1. Associated Health Risks

Constant use of a smartphone can have associated health risks. This can include loss of sleep or problems with posture due to looking down at the phone all the time. Even still, youth who lead a sedentary lifestyle by staying on their phone nearly all of their waking hours are more prone to suffering from obesity.


  1. Risk of Exposure to Inappropriate Materials and/or Online Predators

The Internet can be a wonderful place, but there is always danger around the corner. Whether it be inappropriate materials or online chat rooms, there can always be a risk of your child being exposed to something they shouldn’t be. Make sure to talk to your child about the risks associated with being online and you can even take measures to block certain sites or content.


  1. Once it’s Online, it’s Always Online

One thing that children seem to misunderstand is that any actions they take online are permanent. Whether it be a post- comment, photo, or video, or downloading content- anything they do is permanent. Another caution parents should take is discussing the issues of illegally downloading and/or cyber bullying.


  1. Mind Numbing Distractions from Reality

While plenty of children use their smartphone for research or playing games, there is always a child or teenager who never puts down their phone. This can take away from their quality of life since they will be more at risk for health issues, as well as taking away from nature and play or interaction with peers.

Review: Plantronics Voyager Legend Singapore

Plantronics singapore

For the ultimate Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics Voyager Singapore wins hands down, or hands-free rather, because it excels in call performance and comfort. Since most people who use Bluetooth headsets use them so they can multi-task, having hands-free features is as essential as the sound quality, and on that Plantronics Voyager delivers.

The downside is that it is a bit heavier than other headsets, but that’s easy to overlook when you consider the outstanding voice quality. With noise cancellation, it’s easy to hear and be heard, ensuring you sound professional no matter what you’re currently using your hands for.

Voice enabled features allow you to control your phone without ever having to lift a finger. That means a lot when you’re driving or doing some other task that requires your attention. It’s no wonder the Plantronics Voyager Legend was awarded the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for being the best Bluetooth device.

For those seeking premium call performance, this headset is the best choice. While it might be heavier than other ones, it is still comfortable, even when worn all day long. It boasts a 15.4 mm audio driver, giving it impeccable frequency response, which is much higher than other brands.

It hushes out common background noises so should you be working from home with children in the background, it will ameliorate all the unpleasantness and keep your phone calls sounding high quality.

Perhaps the best feature of all is that it has an available talk time of seven hours, with a standby time of 11 days. It only takes an hour and a half to recharge it too. For anyone that spends a lot of time engaged in phone conversations on their phones, this is a must. When you’re busy with business, nothing will slow you down more than having to recharge all the time. It has a case that charges it on the go so you don’t have to search around for a place to plug it in when you do need to charge it up.

Overall, this is a solid Bluetooth headset that goes above and beyond the expectations that it delivers, making it a prime choice for anyone who needs to go hands-free.

Xiao Mi Phones

Xiao Mi? What? You haven’t heard of them either? That comes as no surprise—especially if you are a part of the Western world. However, this privately owned mobile phone company is becoming one of the leaders in smartphones across Asia and this popularity only continues to grow.

Xiao Mi focuses on speed and luxury, without breaking the bank. This allows their customers to have all the great features of a high quality smartphone without going broke. While its name is only just gaining popularity, with each happy customer, their fan base grows.

One of the latest phones from Xiao Mi is their Redmi Note 2 listed at an affordable price of SGD$250. While the price itself is more than attractive, the features included in the Redmi Note 2 are as well. The large screen, at 5.5 inches, is reactive and very clear. The Redmi Note 2 runs an operating system that is quite similar to Android, except it is called MIUI. This operating system keeps the apps all on the home screen- similar to iOS. So if you are searching for a phone that has minimalism, the Redmi Note 2 is a great option.

The 13 mega pixel camera is not the best, especially when it is compared to brand name competitors, but it can take a clear and decent photo as long as the light is good. Despite lacking slightly with its picture taking capabilities, the ease of use, operating system, and dual sim slots make it attractive for those who travel frequently within Asia. While the Xiao Mi brands are only seen in Asian countries now, they are slowly starting to make their way to Australia, India, and South America- with plans to target the North American consumers in the coming years.

In the end Xiao Mi smartphones are a great option if you are looking for high quality smartphones that don’t break the bank. If you want to make a switch from iOS, you will feel comfortable with the MIUI OS on the Redmi Note 2. Just so long as you are in Asia, you can readily buy a Xiao Mi smartphone in nearly any IT center or smartphone retailer. Any way about it, the smartphones provided by Xiao Mi are sure to bring more competition to the market with their price and features. For those in the Western World, they will have to patiently wait for extremely affordable smartphones to breach their markets.

Review of iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is the latest gadget from Apple and it is making a splash on the tech scene. With an upgrade in software and hot new features, we had to see what all the fuss was about.

If you want a water resistant device, the device can deliver. Whether it is dropped in a puddle or accidently falls into a pool, the iPhone 7 can take a literal dive and be fully submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Once removed and dried off, the iPhone 7 can snap right back to normal, as if the recent swim never happened. This water resistant iPhone is especially attractive for those with children or who work on or near water.

Another hot new feature is the much debated headphone jack. One of the main reasons the headphone jack was removed was to improve the water resistance of the entire phone. Apple is moving towards a wireless future and the new Lightning headphones are proof of this effort. The great thing about these new headphones, is they fit well into the ears and provide great sound. The downside being, you cannot listen to music or make a call when they are charging—that is, unless you implement the use of a bulky adapter.

There is a noticeable change to the home button as well. The home button is merely an illusion of a button- it’s not really there and does not move like a normal button would. Instead of the satisfying click sound of the older versions of iPhone, the iPhone 7’s home button will vibrate slightly to indicate it has been pushed. The reason behind the switch from ‘real button’ to a touch censored one? If you said ‘water resistance’, you’ve guessed it right. Removing the actual button also removes cracks where water could sneak in.

Overall, the launch of the iPhone 7 will prove to be a success as many iPhone users upgrade every two years or so to the newest device. It looks like the features of water resistance and wireless headphones are here to stay and will likely only get better. Why do we say that? Well my friends, the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone is right around the corner and we all know Apple is hiding something up their sleeves that we can look forward to. And with the solid upgrades of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there is only more great tech waiting.