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Singapore is world-renowned for its booming tech retail stores, with bargain-priced electronics attracting people from far and wide. There are a lot of places that offer up incredible offers on all sorts of gadgetry, from smart TVs to smartphones. With that said, there are many shady establishments in and around Singapore that are known to trick, scam and swindle their customers with fake merchandise and shady business tactics.

This guide will look at the many advantages Red White Mobile offers customers as a leading store in Singapore.


Thanks to our efforts to harness quality business relationships from the get-go, Red White has become the go to for cheap mobiles that are still A grade. We’ve worked hard to create a consistent, stable and strong network with other providers across Singapore, meaning we’re able to offer great deals on a full range of devices and accessories.

Our value for customer service

You’ve heard it all before, we know, but we’re proud to say that our attitude towards our customers means we provide an unsurpassed level of support. We treat each objective and requitements of our clients differently and separately, allowing for transparency and reliability the moment they walk in the door.

Give or take

Whilst we provide typical products via our retail model, we also offer customers the opportunity to trade in their old devices or sell them in return for cash. Instead of keeping those handsets inside drawers to gather dust, our clients can walk out with an updated model or some extra dollars. Throughout this process, we keep a transparent business model that’s based on market estimations and valuations, all in conjunction with onsite inspections. This means we’re able to offer customers who want to buy used models the peace of mind that they’re investing in a quality product.

A little bit extra

For those after something outside the immediate scope of mobile devices, we also offer a variety of accessories and gadgets at affordable rates. This range includes items like the selfie stick, notebooks, fitness bands and the like.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our friendly team to find out what product suits your needs best.

Recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Singapore

recall of samsung phone singapore

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has blasted it’s way into the news, literally. Samsung’s Flagship device has received a lot of flak lately because people have complained that their phones have burst!

The reason for them bursting is because of a problem in the lithium ion battery that powers modern day smartphones. Electronic devices are complicated because Direct current is converted to Alternate Current and because of this, the battery heats up. In the case of the Samsung Note 7, the batteries have a problem in their cell and they heat up too much.

According to reports, close to 35 cases of burst batteries have been reported out of 2.5 million pieces produced. This number may seem small, but is in fact very high.

The environment of the user also has a role to play in these bursts. Some users keep their phones in a very hot car or charge the phone on the bed where heat is retained in the phone and keeps increasing.

Samsung’s Singapore division has announced a local exchange program for these phones. The users who exchange their old Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will get brand new replacements.

This exchange of phones will happen from September 16th  to October 2nd . The phones should have been purchased from authorised sources such as a local telecommunication company, approved mobile retailers, Samsung Experience Stores and Samsung Lazada Store.

The way the exchange can happen is through a Free home delivery service by Samsung as well as a direct exchange at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition centre.

The user cannot opt for a new colour when they exchange their device. The users can also choose a time slot for collection in the official Samsung Note 7 exchange page.

Check out the time slots in this page below and book your appointments.

recall of samsung note 7 singapore

Samsung has also offered phones on a loan basis for customers who are affected by this.

Some important points about this exchange.

•If you are not available for the exchange in the time slot provided, you can authorise another person to collect the phone on your behalf.

•Samsung will offer no refunds.

•Samsung will offer a token of appreciation during the exchange, but they haven’t explicitly mentioned what that is.

•Even if you don’t have the box or the accessories of your old galaxy note 7, you will get a full replacement box.

•Samsung suggests Smart Switch to transfer your information like contacts, photos from the old device to the new device.

Samsung’s loss is estimated at $1 Billion because of this fiasco and they have seen the sales of their other phones dropping as well. The timing of this debacle couldn’t have been worse because of the launch of the new iPhone 7.

Also, as of today, the new and corrected Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Singapore are back in the stores.

It will take a lot of effort from Samsung to convince users that their phones are safe and it is up to them to remedy this wrong.

iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Note 7

iphone 7 singapore

The biggest battle in the mobile world as of late has been that of Android versus Apple. Both operating systems make up the majority of the smartphone industry, with Samsung leading the Android pack. With Samsung and Apple both recently releasing new flagship devices – the Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 7 family respectively – customers in the market for a new phone have a lot to think about. If you are considering an upgrade, this guide will take a look at how the two new devices are stacking up against one another.


Apple have always taken the lead when it comes to style and aesthetics. As a brand, the iPhone has always maintained an ethos of solid hardware built beautifully. The iPhone 7 makes not effort to change this. An evolution – rather than a revolution – of 2015’s iPhone 6S, the new model ditches the 3.5mm headphone jack and adjusts the lines of the antenna. The colours have also received a shake-up – goodbye Space Grey, and welcome back to black, available in both glossy and matte finishes. The iPhone 7 Plus Singapore also receives a unique, enhanced 12MP dual-lens camera, providing enhanced optical zoom.
Samsung have followed a similar path in their design by keeping things, by and large, untouched. Expect a style similar to the Note 5, but with a more slim and refined look. The new model will also feature a dual edged display, similar to their other flagship device, the S6 Edge.


Samsung have really beefed up the software and hardware in the Note 7. The biggest draw will be a new chipset, dubbed Snapdragon 821. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, this new chip will make everything much faster and more efficient on the battery. All of this leads to a much more reliable, stable and versatile smartphone.
Apple have disappointed users looking for screens to match the ludicrous pixel density of some 4K-enabled phones on the market, using the same panels as last year’s models. The new A10 chip standard across the family delivers a 30 per cent increase in performance over the 6S family’s A9, putting it near the very top of the mobile performance ladder


One of the biggest surprises for Apple fans was not the addition of a second lens for the iPhone 7 Plus. Rather, it was the removal of the 3.5mm jack, instead opting to route media output through the Lightning connector. This small change not only slims the phone down; it opens the door to new possibilities for audiophiles. Noise cancelling headphones can now draw power directly from the device, doing away with clumsy internal batteries. What’s more, moving the digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) from the device to the headphones means manufacturers are no longer constrained by underpowered, space-conscious circuitry inside the phone.

Samsung are reportedly going to keep their standard, single rear camera at a very reasonable 12MP. However, rumours are also pointing to the introduction of Super OIS Plus, which could revolutionise how the Note 7 will take pictures.

What To Look Out For When You Get A Second Hand Phone

pile of used smartphones

The average price of a phone has skyrocketed over the past few years, thanks to jam-packed smartphones full of expensive tech. For many, getting tied into a two year contract or shelling out hundreds of dollars on a new phone is just too much to justify. Thankfully, the second hand phone market is massive and can cater for any mobile need or want.

When you enter the arena of used and second hand phones, though, be prepared for scammers, tricksters and fraudsters at every corner. This guide will give you some pointers on what to look out for when buying your second hand phone, so that you don’t get burnt.

Perform Due Diligence

It is important that you know what you are looking for when buying a second hand phone. It could be good value that you are looking for, or a specific model of smartphone. Regardless, it always help to do some due diligence on average prices for the phone you are looking for, or set yourself a budget and a technical specification minimum for the phone. Remember, a mint condition smartphone will cost a small fortune, whereas a scratched up model will cost a lot less.

Know Where To Look

There is a huge variety of online and in-store retailers for used smartphones, so consider your situation. If you need a phone quickly, an in-store purchase makes sense. If you can wait, though, you can save a little cash and consider one of these online methods:

  • Carousell – A friendly app and website that all-but-guarantees a top quality used smartphone. Expect to pay a little more for the phones, though.
  • – The traditional option to buy used phones is Gumtree. If you are lucky, you can snap up a deal at an affordable price.
  • Social media – Speak with friends, colleagues and look at groups for selling phone devices. There is usually someone trying to get a little extra cash for their old phone, and you can snap up a deal.

Inspect Your New Phone

When you finally get your new(ish) phone, it is important that you inspect it thoroughly for any unmentioned damages. Start with a visual examination of the device, as well as any auxiliary ports, the speakers and microphone. Check the camera and screen too, just in case there are cracks. Finally, try switching on the phone and trying out the screen. If all looks okay, congratulations! You have just landed a great, second hand phone.

iPhone 7 Release

With Apple just weeks away from releasing their new iteration of their revolutionary line of smartphones – the iPhone 7 – information about the new phone is slowly starting to trickle out. The iPhone 7 is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the tech world is abuzz with rumours and speculations about the new piece of tech. This post will sift through the trash and run through what you are most likely going to see from the new iPhone 7.


Unofficial, leaked photos and videos have shown some moderate changes to the looks and aesthetics of the iPhone. The biggest rumour still up for debate is whether or not there will be multiple models of new iPhone made available. It is speculated that Apple are looking to release a standard iPhone 7, as well as an iPhone 7 Plus and an executive iPhone 7 Pro. Whether we will see one, two or three new iPhones has yet to be disclosed by Apple.

Another large aesthetic move that looks to be true is the removal of a standard 3.5mm audio headphone jack. Leaked photos have shown an iPhone with no viewable port for your headphones. Apple are known for removing what seems like essential hardware for some time, from removing optical drives on their laptops to removing USB ports.


The quality of the camera on the iPhone has improved with each model, and it is speculated to be no different this time around. New features have also been heavily speculated, such as dual-camera modules and optical stabilization. Whatever the case, expect a better camera than before with the new iPhone 7.


The battery life on the iPhone 7 is expected to be much better than previous models, thanks to an upgraded battery. Rumours are circulating that new users should expect a 14 per cent increase in battery life in their new iPhone 7 – that equates to around an hour and a half more video playback time.

iOS 10

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS10, has already pointed to a lot of new upgrades to be expected on the iPhone 7. These include an upgraded Siri, better maps, improved photo cataloguing and a greatly improved messaging system.

With the iPhone 7 expected to drop some time in September, now is the time to keep your ears to the ground for new rumours. Apple appear to be keeping their new upgrades closely guarded secrets, so for most of us we will have to wait until release to see all of the new changes.